Cryotherapy during a nutshell means cold therapy. once I mean cold I’m talking minus 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Imagine standing during this cold of air for 1.5 to three minutes? It doesn’t seem pleasant does it? what’s even weirder is that folks are willing to spend anywhere from $20 to $90 to try to to it.

If you’re wondering how within the heck can the air get to negative 300 degrees. It comes right down to using nitrogen . It’s made up of air and is cheaper to form than pop . Profitable business right?

Now you’re thinking numerous people are dispensing cash for this it must have some benefits right? What does one think is that this hype or is there benefits to it?

In theory it can benefit someone when it involves eliminating aches and pains, which nearly everyone has. The explanation for the pain is inflammation.

You see the connection right?

Some people feel it can help burn unwanted fat, improve the system , eliminate cellulite and slow aging.

Of course these are all theories let’s mention studies and proof. The bad news is that i could not find any studies or proof that it helps. If you recognize of any please share within the comments below.

Now let’s mention the risks. What does one think an enormous risk is? an enormous danger is frostbite, one small mistake and it might be bad. One lady in Texas received skin damage and is suing an area because she received wet gloves.

One idea is omega 3 animal oil . Omega 3 reduces inflammation and this helps with pain management also as improving the skin. There really are plenty of benefits to the present healthy fat.